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Allegorie x Raquel Busa: Happy Pride!

Happy Pride! Join our conversation Raquel Busa, a Queer Latinx illustrator, and learn about her journey of staying true to who she is. 

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine: A Chat with Luke Petronella

Do you know? Nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted. This Earth Month, find out how you can help reducing that waste and helping those in needs at the same time, with a non-profit: Rescuing Leftover Cuisine.

Coral Projects: A Chat with Vanessa Albury

Vanessa is the Founding Artist and Director of Coral Projects, an underwater art installation program that aims to provide physical support to revitalize under-water ecosystem by introducing homes to oysters, corals and other filter species.

Founders Chat with Jessica from Jack & Friends Jerky

Meet Jessica Kwong, Founder & CEO of Jack & Friends Jerky, and learn about her journey of building a plant-based snack brand. 

10 Eco & Ethical Women-Owned Businesses

It's Women's History Month and I want to share with you some amazing women-owned small businesses. I have had the honor working directly with or alongside each one of them. The creativity, strength and passion they have building businesses from ground up are truly inspirational. 

Allégorie at Hamptons Fashion Week 2022

We are very excited to partner with 2 fellow female owned brands, Gloria Lee and DiFiore, at Hamptons Fashion Week this year.

Allégorie Featured at Ethereal Exhibition

Allégorie is featured in The Marist College Fashion Program’s Sustainable Gallery! Ethereal is the new Sustainable Exhibit opening at Marist College’s Steel Plant Gallery that includes brands such as Stella McCartney, Gabriela Heart, Ralph Lauren, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Eileen Fisher and many more.

Allégorie X Nicole Steacy: Human Connection

Explore and cherish the harmonious moments of human connection — to land, to self, to one other, with our latest collaboration with artist Nicole Steacy. 

Plastic Pollution: A Darker Side of Fashion

Fashion produces staggering amounts of plastic pollution, negatively impacting the majority of the world’s seas. Issues of plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean have become especially urgent, with well over a million square kilometers of plastic and microplastic waste swirling in what has been named the Great Pacific Ocean Patch....

What to Buy From a Food Safety & Quality Expert

Is organic food really better for you? What does "cage free" really means? What are things that the food industry don't want you to know? Find out more from our recent conversations with a food quality & safety expert.

Allégorie X ERICA: A Tribute to Nature

From the changing of seasons to the pink beach in her childhood memories, Erica’s poetic depiction of nature’s fleeting moments brings a sense of meditation, harmony and belonging, a perfect balance we thrive to achieve between ourselves and nature.

Allégorie x TEDMonterery

Created to solve food waste problems and push boundaries on sustainability, Allégorie is proud to be part of this event. We are delighted that our signature Gala Tote - ethically crafted from 400 upcycled apples - is selected by TED as an example of a sustainable path forward. Together, we...

Reducing Food Waste by Composting in 5 Easy Steps

Let’s learn to reduce our food waste at home through composting. Together, we’ll walk through the simple steps to produce high-quality soil from our food scraps in just a few weeks. No matter if you live in an apartment or home, there’s a solution available to each of us!

Women Are More Likely to Experience Mental Health Issues – Here’s Why

Women can be so strong, selfless, and compassionate. But, at what cost? In honor of Mental Health Month, Follow Taylor  to learn more about why women are disproportionately more likely to experience mental health issues, and what can be done to address this disproportionate burden.

AAPI Heritage Month: Solidarity, Community, and Celebration

To view the recent violence targeting Asian Americans as isolated incidents is to turn a blind eye to the long history of xenophic attacks this community has faced. Asian communities have long been victims of scapegoating, false stereotyping, and a lack of understanding from its neighbors. The senseless killing of...

Demystifying Carbon Neutrality

Is the term carbon neutral nothing more than a marketing scheme? Does going carbon-neutral help the environment? Let’s expose some of the common carbon-neutral misconceptions to see if this environmental buzzword is worth the effort or simply another scheme to soothe the masses.