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Notorious RBG:

"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time."

Since the very beginning, Allégorie has remained faithful to its humanist values and sustainable model. The constant quest for eco-friendly materials, the passion to uplift communities, and the desire to change for better forge the uniqueness of Allégorie and enable the creation of purposeful and beautiful objects that stand the test of time.

Women-owned, independent, and socially responsible, Allégorie is committed to pushing the boundary of sustainable fashion while solving the food waste problem, one fruit at a time.

Rise to the challenge

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Usually when two strong-headed enthusiasts meet, it either becomes a disaster or a hilarious adventure. Lucky for us, a candid conversation on our shared bafflement at food waste and greenwashing practices in the fashion industry turned into a pursuit to change fashion for the better.

With support from family and friends, we started the quest to find the best eco-friendly alternatives to animal leather and PVC (or commonly known as "vegan leather").

After countless challenges and emotional roller coasters, this adventure finally turned into a business, an innovative business of turning unwanted fruits into purposeful accessories. It's a story with many meanings in fighting climate change, so we decided to call it 'Allégorie".

I Am My Mother's Daughter

Inspired & Powered by Strong Women

Growing up with exceptional women in our lives is truly fortunate. Our mothers, both highly successful in their respective fields, taught us the unique strengths of being women and the importance of perseverance in achieving one's dream.

Following their footsteps, we are proud to build Allégorie, a business that challenges the status quo, a family that celebrates diversity, and a community that nurtures the planet.


It's a journey, not a destination

Humanist values guide Allégorie in its development: the company is committed to reducing food waste, preserving resources, supporting our manufacturers and taking care of the community. Each step forward is taken with great respect for people and nature.