Welcome to Allégorie

As Unique as You

Since our first day, Allégorie uses only the most innovative and unique materials to deliver character and individuality to your everyday essentials.

We travel the globe to find creative talents and like-minded communities, from the misty rain forests of Southeast Asia, the sunlit desert of Central America, the bulb fields of the Netherlands, and many more.

With the best craftsmanship in the heart of the Big Apple, we proudly present each piece with love and passion. Each and every one of our products is a small step towards a more sustainable lifestyle that helps preserve our beloved Planet Earth.

Check out our collections here to find out for yourself.


 Positive Vibes Only

We believe that small changes in daily life lead to a huge positive impact, whether it’s a friendly smile to a stranger or using a canvas tote bag for grocery shopping.

The textile and fashion industries have become the most pollutants releasing industries of the world, affecting rivers, forests and animals, and through the cycle of life, human beings. This is why we are committed to develop reliable, timeless alternatives to wardrobe items that reduce waste, recycle the majority, if not all, of the materials, and last a life time for unlimited reuse. Read more on our approach to sustainability. 


Yes, Women Can

Founded and managed by women, Allégorie supports and celebrates woman empowerment in every aspect of life. 

Inspired by strong women in our own lives, we are thrived to build a business that contributes to local community, improves equal rights and inspires others to join this path for a sustainable future. Yes, woman can. 


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