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Article: Allégorie X Nicole Steacy: Human Connection

Allégorie X Nicole Steacy: Human Connection

Allégorie X Nicole Steacy: Human Connection

It was a beautiful day in Williamsburg at the holiday market where we encountered Nicole's beautiful works. After that, a collaboration seemed just natural. 

Born and raised in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Nicole's beautiful brushstrokes on birchwood explores the harmonious moments of human connection to land, to self, and to one other. 

Nicole’s paintings conveys a sense of uncomplicated peace people experience just being with themselves in beautiful light. Through her meditative brushstrokes, Nicole aims to document the hopefulness of honest work and the simple pleasures it provides, and to offer a different narrative about what deserves our attention and what we stand to lose if we no longer invest time in contemplation and camaraderie.

Find out more about Nicole and her works at her website and Instagram



This collection is no doubt inspired by nature, especially the beautiful elements that sooth the soul and brighten the mind. Daisies, synonymous to positivity, innocence and new beginnings, became a perfect fit, especially after 2-year of social distancing during a global pandemic. So when Nicole presented this colorful floral design, it's immediately a "yes" to move forward. 


Part of Nicole's signature technique is flattened color-blocking to refine natural forms until she feel it resolve of balanced color and weight. The Daydream collection highlights such technique with abundance of playfulness. The bold color complements the design of the bag and brings everyone back to childhood where cotton candy and clouds are just the same thing, sweet and fluffy. 


This design highlights Nicole's mesmerizing transformation of clouds, water and forests into meditative color blocks that explore the human connection underneath the abstract forms. Complementing the navy color of the material, these flowing forms lead the viewers to explore more, reflecting a harmonious relationship between human and nature, where everything is in balance. 


Check out the Allégorie X Nicole Steacy Collection here


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