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Article: Allégorie x TEDMonterery

Allégorie x TEDMonterery

Allégorie x TEDMonterery

This year, we worked with TED to present the case for optimism.

Going back to its birthplace, TEDMonterey hosts the conversations that matter. This special TED event focuses on building a brighter future for everyone.

Created to solve food waste problems and push boundaries on sustainability, Allégorie is proud to be part of this event. We are delighted that our signature Gala Tote - ethically crafted from 400 upcycled apples - is selected by TED as an example of a sustainable path forward. Together, we look forward to a future where both humans and the environment are taken care of.

More details about this event will be provided. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our email list to receive updates.


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