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Posts tagged: Sustainable Fashion

Plastic Pollution: A Darker Side of Fashion

Fashion produces staggering amounts of plastic pollution, negatively impacting the majority of the world’s seas. Issues of plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean have become especially urgent, with well over a million square kilometers of plastic and microplastic waste swirling in what has been named the Great Pacific Ocean Patch. This has social implications too as Western countries attempt to shift blame to developing countries while simultaneously relying on them for manufacturing, which has high environmental costs. However, recent legislative and technological developments give us reason to hope things may shift in the right direction.

What to Buy From a Food Safety & Quality Expert

Is organic food really better for you? What does "cage free" really means? What are things that the food industry don't want you to know? Find out more from our recent conversations with a food quality & safety expert.

Reducing Food Waste by Composting in 5 Easy Steps

Let’s learn to reduce our food waste at home through composting. Together, we’ll walk through the simple steps to produce high-quality soil from our food scraps in just a few weeks. No matter if you live in an apartment or home, there’s a solution available to each of us!

Demystifying Carbon Neutrality

Is the term carbon neutral nothing more than a marketing scheme? Does going carbon-neutral help the environment? Let’s expose some of the common carbon-neutral misconceptions to see if this environmental buzzword is worth the effort or simply another scheme to soothe the masses.

The Hidden Truth Behind the Unethical Fashion Industry in America

Have you ever wondered if the “Made in the USA” label on clothing items actually makes the overall production of the piece more ethical? Read on to have a better understanding of the fashion industry in the US, as well as the unethical treatment of factory workers. You’ll be surprised...

Debunking Popular Sustainable Fashion Myths

Want to know the truth about sustainable fashion? Read on to learn the most common myths and the misinformation that puts the progress of the fashion industry and its environmental impact in jeopardy. We tackle everything from luxury brands, vegan leather, greenwashing, worker exploitation, and more.

Zero-Waste Essentials for Beginners

As time went on, I realized that most of the waste I produced came from when I was out and about, away from my zero-waste home. Here are some sustainability essentials that helped me start my journey of reducing my waste.

The Power of Plant Fiber

Do you know that bamboo is stronger than Portland cement? Yes it's true. Plant fibers are incredibly strong and eco-friendly materials that our ancestors used for centuries!

How To Avoid Greenwashing

Greenwashing works by appealing to our conscience. Let's talk about what are some typical greenwashing tricks and how to avoid them. And what to look for in purchasing and how to determine when brands are guilty of practicing greenwashing.

Is Vegan Leather Sustainable?

What is vegan leather? Is it really good for our planet? The answer may not be that simple.

Leather, the Lowdown We All Need to Know

Why is real leather so expensive? Is faux leather eco-friendly? Is vegan leather vegan?