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Article: Allégorie X ERICA: A Tribute to Nature

Allégorie X ERICA: A Tribute to Nature

Allégorie X ERICA: A Tribute to Nature


Where it all began

After 17 years working in design,  Erica returned to her studio in late 2019 in a more intimate capacity. She set out to create and explore more intuitively and freely, drawing inspirations from ancestral studies, spirituality, mysticism, functionality and most recently motherhood. 

Introduced by a mutual friend, Heather, Allégorie's co-founder, and Erica bounded over their similar upbringings, passion for sustainability and love for Zen-inspired styles, which eventually led to this collaboration to explore human's relationship with nature. From the changing of seasons to the pink beach in her childhood memories, Erica’s poetic depiction of nature’s fleeting moments brings a sense of meditation, harmony and belonging, a perfect balance we thrive to achieve between ourselves and nature.


Design and Inspirations

Erica created the Splatter collection to accentuate the power of life, positivity and hope. By manually splashing colors on the natural material, the creation process itself becomes a journey of self-reflection and an adventure into the unknown. 



Inspired by the pink beach from her childhood life in the Philippines, The Pink Sand Collection is a true embodiment that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The abstract and fluid forms can be viewed as many things and what you see is perhaps the natural state of you mind.

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Motherhood and Sustainability

I think what has changed is urgency…The one thing you are made aware of when you have a child is the passing of time and how quickly it happens…So when you see all these resources getting depleted, it really lights a fire under you to try to do the most and to try to turn back the damages been done.

Motherhood changes people. For Erica, it also changes how she views her relationship with nature and brings more profound understanding on what sustainability means for her as a person and for her studio practices. From small batch production, recycling materials, sourcing locally to support communities, reducing environmental impacts has become a huge part of her practice, as she puts it in a spiritual way: taking care of the planet is a huge part of taking care of the mind. 


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