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“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

Starting From Fruits & Plants

Our collections are made of fruits, such as apples, mangoes and cactus, and many other bio-based and eco-friendly materials.

Together with our partners and suppliers around the world, we source and collect fruits and plants discarded by farms and grocery stores to create truly sustainable, unique bags. We started with mango and have since expanded the list to apple, cactus, corn, sugarcane.

We believe fashion should not come at the cost of the environment. Unlike most vegan leathers that are made out of PVC, which generate new waste and toxic chemicals to the environment, our plant-based materials minimize impact to the environment and animals, increase income for farmers, and reduce food waste. When needed, we use recycled materials and water-based PU, which are far less toxic to the environment.

The result? A mostly biodegradable bag that’s stylish and high quality.

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Ethical & Responsible Manufacturing

Our production partners share our vision of real sustainability. They follow strict guidelines to reduce their impact to the environment, including zero emissions of hazardous chemicals, utilizing green energy, and netting zero on water usage.

Being ethical and responsible is also an integral part of being socially sustainable, which is why we adhere to ethical manufacturing that focuses on good health for all involved. We take extra steps to ensure that our top-notch craftsman workers are treated fairly, with balanced work hours, appropriate work compensation on top of what’s legally required and protection against injury, so you can rest assured that the unique handbag you purchased is ethically and responsibly made.

Simplicity & Efficiency

With the modern-day professional in mind, our bags are designed and crafted to be simple and functional - which all real sustainable products should be.

The classically-designed shapes and forms allow us to fully utilize materials with minimized waste and maximized functionality.  Each piece is crafted to remain simple yet purposeful when tossed from the office commute to the gym locker room.

Quality Excellence

From the materials to the final masterpiece, high quality is in our DNA. It’s not sustainable if it can’t stand the test of time. With the best craftsmanship and expertise in the heart of the garment district and strict quality control procedures, each piece at Allégorie is finely crafted to accentuate the uniqueness of our materials and elevates your daily routines.


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