Sustainability - Our Approach

Many things are easier said than done. Sustainable fashion is no exception. While the demand for an eco-friendlier fashion industry is growing stronger every day, the task of revamping this giant industry, which is almost as ancient as human history, is still challenging.

We decided to take on this challenge, and, in between, build a community that helps solve a few pressing issues in modern life.

Behind the Design

Good design is everything. Our commitment to a sustainable path for fashion is embedded in every aspect of our products, from materials, to our process and to our final products. Our bags are designed to be used daily, made to last forever and look good in every angle.  After all, it’s not sustainable unless you can do it often with a big smile.

Without Community, There Is No Pathway

Rooted in the Big Apple, Allégorie stands for craftsmanship, diversity and badass attitude. We are nothing without our community and we are committed to build it further, with equality, diversity and social responsibility.

The Key: Reduce, Reduce, Reduce, and Recycle

Do you know that food loss and waste amount to between one-third and one-half of all food produced? Imagine buying three bags of groceries, and just dropping one bag on your way home. A broccoli could simply stay in the fields because farmers didn’t have enough manpower or time to harvest it, or be rejected by grocery store because it’s too ugly, or be left on the shelf because it didn’t look lively enough.

It is also well known now that apparel industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Leather, as a by-product of the meat industry, is linked to many severe environmental impacts such as deforestation, water and land overuse, and gas emissions. As currently practiced, leather production itself hurts animals, which is especially problematic in the case of producing exotic leather, and kills the environment through the excessive chemicals used in the tanning process.


To reduce waste and pollution is a starting point for sustainability. Our products utilize food waste throughout the fruit supply chain, including the ones not picked up in the farm, rejected by grocery stores, and those gone bad on the shelf. For example, our beloved gala tote bag re-purposes scraps of approximately 400 apples that never reach grocery stores. That’s more than the annual supply of apples for an adult!

Beyond our unique approach of re-purposing fruits, we use recycled materials whenever possible. From straps to packaging, we search the world to find the recycled options, whether it’s plastic, cardboard, or threads.  Our production partners follow strict guideline to reduce their impact to the environment, including utilizing solar power, netting zero on water usage, and reducing chemical components used whenever possible.

Through dedication and innovation, we are proud to present each piece of our products as sustainable as it could possibly be.