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Vivienne Westwood:

"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. "

With the modern-day eco-conscious consumers in mind, our bags are designed and crafted to be simple and functional, with the best quality that outlasts time.

If not carrying a bag is the most eco-friendly option, Allégorie bags offer you the next best choice.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

It's such a cliché but time has repeatedly proven that “mode passes; style remains”. We aim for timeless designs that complement any outfit and outlast the fashion trend cycle.

Why? You may ask.

Our answer is that it's the only approach to a truly sustainable lifestyle. Through timeless designs that evolve with your sustainable lifestyle, we devote our resources to ensure the quality of the product, to support those who make the bags, to minimize waste, and to free you from consumerism.

By keeping the design simple and classic, our bags can fully utilize materials with minimized waste and maximized functionality. Each piece is crafted to remain simple yet purposeful. It is designed to be durable while remaining highly sensitive and attentive to people and nature.

Quality Excellence

From the materials to the final masterpiece, high quality is in our DNA. It’s not sustainable if it can’t stand the test of time. With the best craftsmanship and expertise in the heart of the garment district and strict quality control procedures, each piece at Allégorie is finely crafted to accentuate the uniqueness of our materials and elevate your daily routines.

To help preserve your Allégorie bag over time, we recommend some easy routine care. See product care for more instructions. Love your bag, and it’ll love you forever.