We Couldn't Do It Without You

Photo Credits

  • Photo of mango by Becky Mattson
  • Photo of mushrooms by Mae Mu
  • Photo of sliced limes by Matthew Henry
  • Photo of two avocado slices by Matthew Henry
  • Photo of lamb by Bill Fairs
  • Photo of pineapple by Miguel Andrade
  • Photo of floral crown by Autumn Goodman
  • Photo of lemon by Emily Sanburg
  • Photo of halved dragon fruit by Sarah Pflug
  • Photo of female statue by Ellen Qin
  • Photo of male statue by Stuart Bloodworth
  • Photo of chard by Heather Barnes
  • Photo of sunflower by Jirasin Yossri
  • Photo of planet earth from Max Pixel
  • Photo of alligator from Max Pixel
  • Photo of plastic bottle from Max Pixel 
  • Photo of pink heart from Max Pixel 
  • Photo of dresses by Shopify Partners
  • Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič - @specialdaddy
  • Photo of banana by Jude Infantini
  • Photo of flamingo by Mathew Schwartz
  • Photo of flamingo by Larry Clarkin
  • Photo of pink pineapple by Lidya Nada
  • Photo of a bird on a branch by Zdeněk Macháček

    All photos and images used by us are either produced in-house, including through vendors, or licensed from third party, including but not limited to Unsplash, Burst and Max Pixel. This list is updated regularly. If we miss you, please email us at hello@allegoriedesign.com for photo credits.