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Cactus Absorbs CO2 on Lands Where No Other Plants Could Live without Irrigation

We turn its leaves into your every bags, with great care for you and the planet

Legend Has It…

Cactus, because of its protective exterior, endurance to survive harsh weather, has long been symbolized for strength, love and protection. Native Americans historically believed cactus could allow them to reach the spiritual world, and thus, to travel the world in between. According to Fen Shui, cactus is symbolized by fire energy. Their presence combats the invasion of outward negative force, thus, blocking the bad luck from entering the house.

More than Just Prickly

Cactus provides food for small animals in deserts and dry regions. For example, insects feed on its fruits, Birds and Bats feed on its flowers. For many that live in or near deserts, cactus presents significant socioeconomic opportunities in addition to be a source for food and water.

What’s more, because cactus is among a few plants that could survive hot and dry environment through adaptation to use water very efficiently, it plays a vital role in climate change. Cactus live up to 300 years, absorbing CO2, to about 30% of its body, in places where not many other options are available. Cactus also regenerate soil naturally. Once cacti form a dense stand, they preclude strong winds to blow the dust and sand away, thus slowing down or even preventing desertification, especially in areas where no trees could survive.

From Cactus Leaves to Your Bag

Cactus leaves are more than just an ingredient to add to your tacos. In addition to all the dietary benefits, these leaves are also full of natural fiber that’s necessary to make enduring and elastic leather like material. Through partners, we harvest cactus leaves from sustainably operated farms, ensuring the land is cultivated, the plant continue to grow, and people are treated well. The result, a cruelty free, sustainable materials without any toxic chemicals or PVC.


Pictures are licensed from iStock Image