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Article: 10 Eco & Ethical Women-Owned Businesses

10 Eco & Ethical Women-Owned Businesses

10 Eco & Ethical Women-Owned Businesses

It's Women's History Month and I want to share with you some amazing women-owned small businesses. I have had the honor working directly with or alongside each one of them. The creativity, strength and passion they have building businesses from ground up are truly inspirational. 

Love, follow, share and give them a shoutout. Nothing is too small to support a women-owned business. 



erica recto


After 17 years working in design, Ceramic artist Erica returned to her studio in late 2019 in a more intimate capacity. She set out to create and explore more intuitively and freely, drawing inspirations from ancestral studies, spirituality, mysticism, functionality and most recently motherhood. 

Website | Instagram



edens harvest by genevieve

Eden’s Harvest by Genevieve

Expressed interest and talent for jewelry making at a young age, Genevieve started her own practice, Eden's Harvest, inspired by this world preoccupied with stories, from ones we've read to those we share, and what is still being written. 

Many of Genevieve's jewelry-making methods are self-taught and every piece is handmade in New York City.

Website | Instagram



Lot28 by Jocelyn and Emily DeSisto 

Lot28 was born from a love for jewelry and the natural world. The name comes from a plot of land on a small island in Maine. Family summers at Lot28 sparked the DeSisto sisters interest in climate change. Their designs are inspired by immediate climate issues and the beauty of our ecosystems.

All Lot28 pieces are designed by founders Jocelyn and Emily DeSisto and are responsibly made in the heart of New York’s historic Diamond District.

Website | Instagram



Naomi Nomi


Naomi Nomi by Naomi

Trained as a glassblower, Naomi spent a decade making sculpture before looking around her studio and realizing that all of her sculptures had sleeves and hemlines and were meant to be worn and worked in, not just looked at. As the granddaughter of a wedding dress manufacturer and the great-granddaughter of a pattern cutter, the schmatte life was apparently hard to shake.

In 2018, she launched Naomi Nomi, a made-to-order and small batch garment line based in Brooklyn, New York.  

Website Instagram



Art of Steacy by Nicole Steacy

A fashion stylist-turned high school visual art teacher-turned independent artist, Nicole's art is part impressionist exploration, part abstract puzzle, expressing harmonious moments of human connection. 

One of her favorite artists is Edward Hopper and she finds a kinship with his use of light to frame the modern human condition.

Explore our limited edition, hand painted collaboration with Nicole here.

Website Instagram



Alex from St.Evens

St. Evens by Alex

Inspired by the stories vintage clothes tell, Alex started St. Evens to honor the work that goes into well-made pieces that are made to last. When she's not shopping, Alex can be found reading, writing, eating bread, or walking several blocks in the wrong direction. 

Website Instagram





T.W.I.N. by Isabella and Alicia Serrani

Founded by Isabella and Alicia Serrani, T.W.I.N. (That’s What I Need) is a twin-owned, Toronto-born, New York-based company focused on making sustainable, inclusive products. No matter your feelings about your body or your relationship with fashion, you can feel secure that you will find what you need at T.W.I.N.

Website Instagram



Yogaromas by Quinn

Yogaromas by Quinn 

A yogi-turned registered Aromatherapist, Quinn channels her passion for self-empowerment from yoga to holistic healing in both body and minds, by creating Yogaromas. Combining the science and power of aromatherapy and yoga, Quinn looks to help others empower themselves.




Floriconvento Flowers by Emily

Floriconvento Flowers is the floral design company founded by Emily Scott. Now living in New York City but originally hailing from South Florida, Emily had the warmth and eccentricity of the tropical flora & fauna she was used to experiencing embedded into her artistic framework. 

At just 28 years old but with 8 years of floral industry experience - fast forward the years spent working with some of the largest and most reputable florists in the New York Metropolitan area, Emily has made a name for herself in the industry.

Website | Instagram

For Us Cookies by Shin

For Us Cookies by Shin

With culinary training at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education and experience at some of New York's finest Michelin-starred restaurants, Shin started launched FOR US COOKIES in 2021, after the coronavirus pandemic forced her to close her catering business. 

From day one, FOR US COOKIES is about caring for the environment, the animals, and our own health. Shin's amazingly delicious, vegan and gluten-free cookies are made with sustainably sourced, better ingredients and sent in compostable/recyclable packaging.

Website | Instagram



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